Door-to-door service.

We operate from an asset-less non-vessel operating base, which ensures that we have unrestricted and unlimited capacity worldwide. Morgan Cargo can provide customers with a door to door service able to leverage the various partnerships with WCA agents or any of its other logistics partners.

Morgan Cargo will provide in-house staff where this is required. Staff are not only trained to understand sea freight operations but will always look at providing optimal solutions which are cost effective but also address the customer’s specific requirements.

Our in depth knowledge of various industries for both import and export can be utilised to the customers benefit.

Morgan Cargo can through its sea-freight service provide:

Electronic Cargo

Tracking & Tracing

Project Logistics


Containerised Cargo
Reefer, Flat Rack, Ro-Ro & Open Top Containers

Full Container Loads (FCL)

FCL is offered on a door to door basis or if you prefer any other delivery terms we will provide the solution that your cargo needs

Less than Container Loads (LCL)

We work with you to provide the best possible solution at a cost effective price

Import and Export Cargo Clearance

We can clear import cargo at the various points of entry through the use of its own deferment accounts. Whether this relates to import duties, VAT or both charge types.


Solutions to meet your needs

We have partnered with the various shipping lines to ensure we have capacity on the major trade routes to and from South Africa. Together with our WIN and WCA Partners we are able to ensure that cargo is taken care of by people who have the specialised knowledge.

Morgan Cargo created a single point of contact for our customers and assign key business units to service the various industries. We strive to implement standards and processes in order to deliver a world-class service. Morgan Cargo offers customers the opportunity to make commitments outside the standard industry perimeters in order to meet special requests.

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