Welcome to Morgan Cargo

Morgan Cargo offers logistic solutions to a wide variety of internationally based clients. The organisation has been branded an efficient wholesaler of cargo space, offering products and services to agents and exporters alike. Since the founding of Morgan Cargo in the early 90’s, the business has been steadily expanding and while services are performed in more than 16 countries internationally, the focus has remained solely on the exporter or importer’s individual needs. The personal contact and attention is therefore 100% set on quality rather than quantity.



Like any means of transportation, air transportation can encounter significant changes in temperature. About 47% of air-shipped perishables come from countries with a warm or tropical climate. Containers, when waiting to be loaded on the aircraft, are exposed to adverse environmental conditions…


The increased worldwide trade in fresh fruits and vegetables arose from the importance of these commodities to the human diet. They bring to our daily diet variety, flavour and aesthetic appeal while they meet certain essential nutritional necessities.


Seafood and fish are highly perishable products. From the moment they are taken from their natural environment and until made ready for consumption handling methods and temperature, which are critical points, must be extremely controlled.


Morgan Cargo’s understanding of the specific needs within this industry has meant we are able to provide unique solutions to ensure that production lines operate uninterrupted and stock is delivered on time.

Areas of Expertise


Morgan Cargo is the leader in project logistics import and export. This could include the charter of aircraft for the export of live animals of the movement of oversized cargo.


Morgan Cargo offers an extensive knowledge in freight forwarding in Africa, due to our local knowledge as well as our partnership with other freight forwarders in Africa.


Starting off as a specialist perishable cargo agent in 1993, Morgan Cargo has more than 20 years experience in handling all types of temperature sensitive cargo.


With our specialised claims department, we not only make your claim process hassle-free with a downloadable form available, but our team is also efficient and fast.