At Morgan Cargo UK’s Heathrow Perishable Centre, we are committed to providing top-notch services that cater to all your perishable cargo needs. Our strategically located Air Operations Hub, just 6 minutes from Heathrow’s Cargo Terminal, offers a comprehensive range of services designed to ensure the safe and efficient handling of your perishable goods. When it comes to the transport and storage of perishables, we are your trusted partner.

Our services:

ETSF/CP/Transit Warehouse:

Trust in our state-of-the-art ETSF (External Temporary Storage Facility), CP (Control Point), and Transit Warehouse to streamline your import and export operations. We make the complex simple.

DEFRA Inspection Point On Site:

Seamlessly meet DEFRA’s stringent inspection requirements right here at our facility. We understand the importance of compliance, and we’ve got you covered.

Full-Service Customs Clearances:

Our dedicated customs experts ensure smooth import and export processes for your airfreight. Say goodbye to customs hassles with Morgan Cargo UK.

CAA Accredited (Known Consignor):

As a CAA-accredited Known Consignor, we prioritize security, speed, and efficiency in handling your cargo.

AEO Accredited (Customs and Security):

Enjoy the benefits of Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) status, which translates to reduced risk, quicker clearances, and a competitive edge.

AA BRC Accredited:

Our commitment to excellence is further affirmed by our AA BRC accreditation. Your perishables are in the safest hands.

Organic Accredited:

We understand the unique needs of organic products. Our organic accreditation ensures your goods maintain their integrity from start to finish.

Chilled and Ambient Warehousing:

Whether you require chilled storage or ambient warehousing, we have the facilities to cater to your specific needs. Blast chilling is also available for products that require rapid cooling.

Full Truck and Groupage Distribution:

Our comprehensive distribution options ensure that your cargo reaches its destination efficiently, whether it’s a full truckload or groupage.

Digital Warehouse Intakes and Release Notes:

Stay connected and informed with our digital intake and release notes, providing real-time visibility into your cargo’s journey.

QC Checks on Request:

Quality control is paramount. Request QC checks to ensure your perishables meet the highest standards.

Onsite Vet and Phyto Inspections:

For export, we offer onsite veterinary and phytosanitary inspections, saving you time and reducing the risk of delays.


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