The Cold Chain

coldchain-bigLike any means of transportation, air transportation can encounter significant changes in temperature. About 47% of air-shipped perishables come from countries with a warm or tropical climate. Containers, when waiting to be loaded on the aircraft, are exposed to adverse environmental conditions…

Temperature is the element in the post-harvest environment that has the greatest impact on the storage life of fruits and vegetables. In some regions of the globe, mostly tropical and subtropical climates, post-harvest losses of horticultural crops are estimated to be more than 50% of the production due to poor handling techniques such as improper temperature management. Proper and adequate temperature management is the most important and simplest procedure for delaying product deterioration. Optimum temperature storage delays the ageing of fruit and vegetables, softening, textural and colour changes, as well as slowing undesirable metabolic changes, moisture loss and loss due to pathogen invasion.

Temperature is also the factor that can easily and promptly be controlled. Preservation of fruits and vegetables’ quality can only be achieved when the produce is promptly cooled and maintained under its optimum temperature as soon as possible after harvest.


Morgan Cargo offers logistic solutions to a wide variety of internationally based clients. The organisation has been branded an efficient wholesaler of cargo space, offering products and services to agents and exporters alike.

Since the founding of Morgan Cargo in the early 90’s, the business has been steadily expanding and while services are performed in more than 16 countries internationally, the focus has remained solely on the exporter or importer’s individual needs. The personal contact and attention is therefore 100% set on quality rather than quantity.