The typical process of submitting a claim is as follows:

  • Download and go through the Claim Procedure and Explanation, evaluate whether damage can be claimed.
  • Send e-mail to marketer and claims department listing AWB no., kilograms, shipper, consignee
  • Download Claims Form, complete and attach all relevant information and quantification of claim.
  • Receive a confirmation e-mail with reference number from MC claims department.
  • Monthly / Quarterly feedback can be obtained from claims department.

In order to submit and administer a claim either yourself or on your behalf, the following mandatory information is required. Some of the information may be available on file, but in order to prevent confusion and misunderstandings the following needs to be supplied in writing – either by letter, fax or e-mail by the claimant within 14 days from date of flight:

  • All claims are always subject to proof of value. In addition to the mentioned information it is imperative that documentary evidence in the form of a Suppliers Invoice (stipulating the cost price of the goods, loss adjuster’s report, and destruction certificate) be submitted in substantiation of the amount being claimed.
  • In order to substantiate the claim amount, have a loss adjuster assess the loss/damage and furnish a report of the findings.
  • Should the cargo have to be destroyed, please obtain a destruction certificate.
  • If the cargo can be sold at i.e. a lower price/local market in order to minimize the loss suffered, proof of such sale/recovery is to be forwarded for submission to the airline.
  • The claimant may include in the price claim amount the survey fees and destruction costs.
  • Furthermore, certain frequently claimed for items are not permitted such as: loss of turnover, phone calls, extra transportation costs etc. These items are considered to be consequential by nature and the carrier/agent are not liable for items such as these. Freight charges are deemed fully earned and Airlines in most cases refuse to consider refunds. Since they decide on their own liability criteria, there is not much that can be done in this regard.
  • Should the carrier require a Cession of Rights, the said document will be forwarded for completion by the relevant party.